Ok, New Girl.

What a week. I've never built, had, maintained a website before, and certainly not one with the sole aim of shamelessly promoting myself. It's a rush and a trip. 

What I mean to say, is thank you for visiting the site. It means more to me than you can know.

I'll use this blog feature to keep you all updated and informed about the status of the new record, Trial & Error, new shows, new merch (stickers are coming soon! But why does everything take 6-8 weeks to ship? Oh well), and also all the random meandering thoughts I get about life as a musician, a single mom, a friend, sister, daughter... you know... the very soul of humanity that compels me to keep writing poetry and songs. 

I'm strategizing what manner of oh-so-extra-special content I can deliver to my email subscribers too. Thank you to those who have signed up. I promise I will never, ever spam you. And to those curious as to what cockamammy idea I may devise for special content, well, you'll just have to join the mailing list to find out. 

Thank you all again, for being here in this space with me at this time. I love you so hard. Sending covid-safe, digital hugs at all of you. <3

In the meantime, I hope you can join me this evening for an IG Live Stream!