It’s a musing and touchy Americana daydream with Heneise‘s glowing voice drawing all the aural attention, although her galvanizing guitar play is pretty persuasive too. This is a sweet little pearl with an unwinding effect. A blue beauty.” - Turn Up The Volume!

Soulful Sunday - Turn Up the Volume!

You can instantly tell a new classic by how it immediately sounds familiar... It just resonates in your soul... 'Bad Day' is Tracy Chapman's 'Fast Car' for the 21st Century."” - Bill Turck

Playtime with Bill Turck & Kerri Kendall - WCGO Radio Chicago

We are proud to be able to premiere the first single, "Bad Day", off the forthcoming debut EP "Trial & Error" from Singer-songwriter Lou Heneise. Lou blends Americana and folk traditions with raw, honest, and endearing lyrics.” - The Deli

The Deli

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  • CHIRP Radio, 107.1 FM
  • Lumpen Radio, WLPN 105.5 FM
  • Playtime with Bill Turck & Kerri Kendall WCGO Radio
  •  RadioNope! "The PRF Radio Hour"
  • WKQX, DEMO 312
  •  WNUR, Midday Mixtape
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Lou Heneise

Lou Heneise is an American singer, songwriter with roots in the city of Chicago, the rolling farmland of the midwest, and the Bible Belt of the South.

Her debut EP, Trial & Error is delicate, charming, vulnerable, and honest, merging the haunting delivery of Lou's live show with the driving force of full instrumentation. 

Trial & Error is as introspective and earnest as it is catchy. Lou has captured the American heartbeat in this collection of songs.

Trial & Error



Twitter: @lou_heneise

IG: @lou_heneise_music