1. Bad Day

From the recording Bad Day

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Lyrics, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals: Lou Heneise
Lead Guitar, Bass: Eric Block
Drums: Sarah Neczwid
Producer, Sound Engineer: Eric Block / Rec Room Studio
Digital Mastering: Colin Jordan, The Boiler Room


Won't you hand me your bad day?
I'll carry it aways
I promise I'll give it back when you're ready, I just
Want to feel its weight

And we can hop a train to Tempe
We can kneel before the stars
We can sail away on seas of smoke until we
Reach the shores of Mars

I know your folks don't like me, I'm an
Outlaw in heels
Accomplices despite the
Graves we dig for our feelings

And we can thumb a ride into Echo Park
Sing our elegies to the crows, we can
Float away on rising sparks until we
Dream the dance of the ghosts

You could give me your nightmare
I will keep it safe
I will feed it cherries and crackers
It won't notice these chains

And we can hide beneath the breakfast table
We can whisper to our ears
We can float away on Persian carpets
Until we disappear

So aim your madness at me, or
Shoot me up with your sin, or
Lend me your blasphemy, or
Your sawtoothed grin

And we can float away like rolling boulders
Right to gravity's end
Go on, leave your head on my shoulder, I'll
Guide us in with the wind